hur introductory kits

Get started with an introductory kit that is right for you: normal to dry skin, normal to oily skin, or anti-aging. Each kit includes its own easy to follow program with instructions  and guidelines for morning and night-time usage. When applying products twice a day to face, neck, and neckline/decolletage, each kit should last you three months.

Normal to Dry Skin
Basilicum Leaf Peel
Shangri-la Cleanser
Burro d'Asina Cream
N.Nardo Anti-Aging Cream

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Normal to Oily Skin
Lacticgel Toner
Birra Soap
Officinarum Mousse
Iperternale Toner
Sedano Allegro Cleanser
Canapa Acquatica
Sesamum Milk
Guscio/Ostica Cream
Argan Scrub
Glicosamino Lift

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Also, if you have hyper-sensitive skin, excessively dry or oily skin, or skin conditions such as eczema, please email us. We are happy to provide more  information for your consideration, including details regarding the ingredients for you to share with your dermatologist.

Interested in peek at the entire product line? Visit the homepage for our lab in Italy.

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